Permanent Lip Procedures

Permanent Lips

Cullompton Permanent Lips

Cullompton Permanent Makeup offers a number of different permanent lip treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements.

Permanent Lip Procedures


Whether you’re tired of re applying lipstick or are just unhappy with thin or uneven lips, permanent lip liner will create more defined and fuller lips. It also helps improve any asymmetries or imperfections for a youthful look. Both permanent lipstick and liner can be applied in a variety of colours or simply match a shade to your favourite lipstick. Just add a gloss to enhance the daily look.

3 different procedures are offered for the lip area:

Permanent Lip Liner – A sharp crisp outline is performed around the natural border of the lips. This will re create shape and definition, fill fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

Lip Liner ………………………. £200

Permanent Lip Blush – We perform the lip liner procedure first, along with a soft blush of colour that blends and runs throughout the lips. Very popular treatment if you want to enhance the natural shape and colour to your lips.

Lip Blush ……………………… £250

Permanent Full Lip Colour – This treatment is perfect for those looking for a more striking and dramatic look. By using a deeper, fuller colour we will achieve a vibrant lipstick effect. For anyone considering fillers or Botox around the mouth this is also the look and treatment for you.

Full Lip Colour ……………… £300

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